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Brand Hstl is a video contest platform that connects Freelancers with Clients. Custom videos produced by a community of talented creators.


Create a contest

  1. Tell us about your video by filling out a simple online form.

  2. Send us your clips.

  3. A Brand Hstl representative will review your info and help transfer your clips.

  4. Once your contest details look good, we'll collect payment, then we hold the funds to reward the winner.


your contest goes live

  1. Freelancers use your clips to produce your custom video.

  2. Explore a range of ideas and concepts

  3. You provide the feedback.

  4. View live contests.


you pick the winner

  1. The winning video is sent to you for download.

  2. We’ll award payment to the winner.

  3. Find a Freelancer you really like? Request them for your next video.


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  • How does a contest work? Step-by-step:
  • What if the Client doesn’t pick a winner?
  • How does payment work?
  • What if no-one submits for a contest?
  • Are the contests live for everyone to see?
  • Does a Client supply their own video clips?
  • Do you accept still photos?
  • What if a Client needs more than 1 video created?
  • Who owns the final video?


  • Why should I start a contest?
  • How much will my custom video cost?
  • When a contest is live, what are the expectations of the Client?
  • Does a Client communicate directly with a Freelancer?
  • What if the Client requests a refund?


  • How much can a Freelancer earn?
  • Why should I join?
  • Does a Freelancer communicate directly with a Client?
  • How do I submit to a contest?
  • Can I incorporate special effects, motion graphics, or templates into my video submission?
  • How will I be paid?

code of conduct

We sit at the intersection of business and creativity.
By working together we can all enjoy the road to success.
To help foster an environment of collaboration and respect, we have developed a simple guide for our Brand Hstl community. Failure to comply with the Code and respect the community will not be tolerated. If you feel that someone has violated the Brand Hstl Code of Conduct then please contact us directly.
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